Head to Toe Linen

img_5997.jpg August brings the “dog days of summer”. I translate that to mean lots of heat! When the daily temperatures head above 90 degrees I reach for the linen in my closet. As I have shared in the past, it is one of my favorite fabrics. It is lightweight, comfortable and chic. I don’t care if it wrinkles. I consider a few wrinkles part of it’s charm. I was heading out on a particulary warm day recently and decided to snap this picture in my hallway mirror. Please forgive the phone in my face! Lol! I am dressed in linen from head to toe. Well, the shoes aren’t technically linen – but have that look with a great espadrille style and wedge.

Today, I am sharing the items (or similar ones) I am wearing in the photo above. You too can stay cool and comfy when temperatures rise!


 These pants are a beautiful soft color. I’d call it flax. It features wide legs for a non cling fit and an elastic waist for comfort. Back pockets add extra style.


 The v-neck linen tee I am wearing is sold out, but try a scoop neck top for an equally attractive look.


Eileen Fisher Simple Long Cardigan  The cardigan I am wearing is a couple years old. Similar in style is this beautiful white linen long cardigan. The white compliments any linen pants. I find it a good idea to always have a sweater handy to combat overzealous air conditioning.


 I wear my favorite summer wedges everywhere. They aren’t made of linen, but the color is appropriately called “Linen”.

Ahh! The comfort and ease of linen helps me beat the heat. I hope I have inspired you to adopt the casual look of linen into your wardrobe as we endure the “dog days of summer”!




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