The Fifth Wall


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Many of you are saying “What do you mean, a fifth wall?”. Others are thinking “Of course I know what a fifth wall is!”. The fifth wall is a term used to define the ceiling. Often ignored in the past with nothing but simple white ceiling paint, the fifth wall is moving to the forefront in significance. The photo above indicates how the architectural beams framing the vaulted ceiling make this room.

Treating your ceilings as importantly as the walls of a room adds interest and certain panache to a room.  Today, I am sharing some suggestions for punching up the design quotient of the fifth walls in your home.


Image result for coffered ceiling photos A coffered ceiling painted in the same white as the ceiling lends visual interest while still feeling airy.

Image result for reclaimed wood ceiling

A reclaimed wood ceiling in this bedroom adds warmth and vintage charm.

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Wood beams in this kitchen exude rustic elegance.

Image result for shiplap ceilings

Who can deny the charming appeal of a white shiplap ceiling?


Image result for tin ceiling photos

A tin ceiling completes the opulent look of this room.

Image result for tin ceilings ideas A corrugated tin ceiling defines this outdoor room.

Image result for tin ceiling photos

The bronze ceiling of this dining room adds a richness that blends well with the other wood tones of the room.

Image result for tin ceiling photos

Try a tin ceiling painted white for a more formal setting.


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The deep contrasting grey in this ceiling compliments the textured wall paper and elegant, tiled floor. It’s so much more pulled together than a plain white ceiling.

Image result for bold painted ceilings

Glamour  abounds in a library room due to this gorgeous ceiling with metallic paint.

Image result for bold painted ceilings

Bold colors enliven this hallway. I especially love the teal ceiling color paired with black trim.

Image result for pastel painted ceilings

The pale blue paint on the ceiling of this sunroom mimics a beautiful sky.

Image result for painted striped ceilings

Why not a painted striped ceiling? The cheerful yellow stripes on this angled ceiling resemble a summery awning.

Image result for black ceiling

It’s hard to debate the drama of a black ceiling. Pair it with white walls and colorful artwork for a contemporary look.


Image result for wallpaper living room ceiling

The spectacular wallpaper on the ceiling takes this room to another level.

Image result for wallpaper living room ceiling

Continue wallpaper from the walls up to the ceilings for a dramatic look.

Image result for wallpaper on ceiling

A simple but sophisticated patterned wallpaper compliments the deep wall color.

Image result for wallpaper on ceiling

Faux wood wallpaper on the ceiling warms this nursery.

Image result for wallpaper ceilings A geometric pattern on a bedroom ceiling provides interest, not to mention something fun to look at while in bed.

Image result for wallpaper ceilings

Dots on the ceiling lend a glamorous look to this small bedroom.

Image result for floral wallpaper ceiling Custom floral wallpaper appears as a mural over the bed providing a sophistical flair to this bedroom.

Endless options exist for ceilings. Choose something unique to lend a custom look to your decor! I hope I have inspired you to consider the fifth wall in your home!







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