The Bamboo Trend

I have always associated bamboo and wicker handbags with travel to far away exotic locales. They just seem to say “vacation”! Now though, bamboo and bamboo look handbags are taking the fashion scene by storm for everyday wear. They came on the scene a couple years ago and seem to be gaining in popularity.

The trendsetter of these bags, “The Ark” by Cult Gaia is pictured above. With the bamboo handbag’s growing popularity comes a variety of colors sizes and pricepoints. They offer great architectural style. So many of them are absolutely stunning!

The beauty of handbags is that even a “woman of mature age” can embrace a trend easily by introducing a handbag into her wardrobe.

Today I am sharing some of my favorite bamboo/bamboo look handbags for spring/summer 2019 or maybe an escape to a tropical island.


CULT GAIA Small Ark Bamboo Handbag, Alternate, color, BAMBOO A perfect companion for a summery dress or a pair of jeans and a tee, “The Ark  ” natural  is THE bamboo handbag.

CULT GAIA Mini Ark Handbag, Main, color, MULTI Also available in a mini size, The Ark multi color handbag provides beautiful depth of color.

CULT GAIA Mini Ark Handbag, Main, color, CHQ CHERRY QUARTZ

Add some color with a pink acrylic tortoise shell bag.  While this is technically not bamboo, it has the same look and feel.

Miuco Womens Bamboo Handbag Handmade Large Tote Beach Bag Size Small Black Try a black bamboo bag for a dressier appearance.

Why not red?

CULT GAIA Luna Crossbody Bag, Main, color, ASH MULTI If the half moon shape is not your thing, try a beautiful round, crossbody bag.

CULT GAIA Luna Crossbody Bag, Main, color, TORTOISE

Polished stones and a tortoise look add chic appeal to this bag.

 Skip the crossbody and go completely round.

 A collapsible bag folds down perfectly for travel.

 The same collapsible bag in brass lends a sophisticated air for an evening out.

Bamboo Bag Clutch for Women,Handmade Wooden Purse Tote Handbag Square Switch up the shape and try a square one.

SAINT LAURENT Kate Rosewood Shoulder Bag, Main, color, NEW PALISSANDRE A splurge for sure, this handbag is gorgeous!


The options are many! Natural or color? Round or square? And on and on. No need to wait for an island vacation, add some bamboo to your spring/summer handbag collection!





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