Set the Thanksgiving Table



We have less than a week until that perfectly browned turkey (We can only hope!) appears on our dining room table! Ease some of that last minute stress by preparing your table ahead of time.

I love decorating a table when I am entertaining!  I know not everyone does.  Today, I am sharing my tips for a fabulous looking tablescape that everyone will rave about.  Who cares if the turkey is dry when everything looks pretty? Spend a few minutes a day now getting ready, and everything will come together perfectly.


At least one week before, confirm who will be attending.  With this information, open the cupboards and make sure you have enough plates, silverware, glasses, linens, etc. for everyone. If not, purchase what you need or enlist a friend or family member to bring the additional number of items you need. Having a huge crowd? Consider renting your place settings.  Check with your local party rental company.  Most of them offer beautiful choices at reasonable prices.




If you plan on using good silver, make sure it is tarnish free.  If not, polish it. Nothing is more beautiful on a table than gleaming silver! Don’t have silver? No worries, just make sure your silverware is clean and spot free.




 Check all the glassware you plan to use for water spots, or, heaven forbid, lipstick remants. You want everything to sparkle! While you are at it, run those dishes through a wash cycle to ensure they are ready to showcase a delicious meal.




Whip out your trusty iron and press any linens you plan to use for the big day.  Hate ironing? Send your linens to the dry cleaner for a press. You may notice I have mixed the pattern of the linens.  The colors still correspond and make for a more interesting table.



Colored Taper Candles, Set of 2, White


Planning to have candlelight on your table? Be sure you have plenty of candles on hand ahead of time. Flickering candlelight adds a festive aura to any event. If children will be in attendance, try some flameless candles.  They are very realistic now.





Get creative with the centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table.  Mine is different every year.  I utilize a mix of what I have on hand with a few new purchases. Flowers always work, but it’s fun to add a nod to the season. I like assembling a mixture of items. Above, I am using faux pumpkins and pears mixed with some crystal candlesticks, gold votives, and mercury glass candlesticks.  I already owned these items and repurposed them for a centerpiece. Explore what you may already have on hand.  Just keep the centerpiece low enough to encourage conversation. Also, make sure to provide room for all the delectable Thanksgiving food. I could go crazy here with ideas! But since the theme of the post is not strictly centerpieces, I will leave that to another time.



Gravy boat/Butter dish

A festive table catches everyone’s eye.  Just a touch of something that identifies the holiday is so fun! I purchased turkey plates a couple of years ago.  This year I added a butter dish and gravy boat to compliment the look.



Tablecloth/Runner/Silver charger/Orange charger

White plate/Plaid Napkin/Turkey plate

Create a lush look by layering your table setting.  A white tablecloth creates the first layer on my table.  Next, I added the beautiful grey and orange table runner.  Not one to skimp, I have used two charger plates.  The bottom layer adds some shine in silver. I placed an orange charger atop it for a burst of color. I chose a simple white plate to allow the novelty turkey salad plate to take center stage. Between the white plate and turkey plate I laid a simply folded, elegant plaid napkin. Notice how the colors of the linens tie in with the centerpiece and plates.

The table I have set is definitely more formal, but the same principals apply to any type of setting you choose! Just have fun with it!

Get organized ahead of time and enjoy a festive Thanksgiving! Happy Turkey Day to you and your family!














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