A Cozy Weeknight Dinner


Sometimes it just feels good to step it up a bit on a weeknight! I did just that with a great recipe I clipped from the Chicago Tribune last week. Yes, I still read the old fashioned newspaper.  I just love my morning newspaper and a cup of coffee. I know, I’m digressing. Anyway, I fired up my Sonos speakers with some jazz music and set about preparing my selection. Okay, at least Sonos are from a new generation.

My choice was pork stuffed with kale and apple accompanied by sauteed carrots. The recipe appeared in the Tribune as I stated, but it seems to have originated in the Washington Post.


I first sauteed the apples, onions, garlic and kale with olive oil in a large skillet. The smell is heavenly!


I removed the sauteed items to a bowl to cool, wiped out the pan, and seasoned the pork.  I took a small knife and sliced into the chops all he way to the bone, creating a pocket to hold the stuffing I had just created. I then stuffed the pork with the apple and kale creation and returned it to the large skillet. Flipping these babies was a challenge with all that stuffing.


I then removed the chops to a plate and tented with foil to keep them warm. The same skillet became the choice for a fabulous sauce of  dijon mustard, wine, broth, and paprika. Once the sauce boiled and thickened we were good to go.


I plated the chops and added some sauteed carrots.  Everything looks delicious on beautiful white plates. I love my Apilco Traditional dinnerware! Add some french striped  linens and voila!




A Cabernet Franc from Tabor Hill nicely complimented the flavors of pork, apples and kale. Yummy!

Overall, this cozy weeknight dinner proved to be a success. I seriously doubt this will happen very often, but it is nice to step it up on occasion!


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