Dust It Up

Image result for motoring coats in the 1920s

In the late 19th and early 20th century women wore coats referred to as “dusters”.  These were useful in protecting their clothing while riding in open motorcars on the dusty roads during that time period.  Our cars are no longer open and roads are usually paved, but the duster has survived to live on in the  fashion world.

Often, long cardigans are referred to as dusters.  Typically they are at least knee length and open in front without buttons. When something has the description of long and lean attached to it, I’m all in! I love the versatility of dusters.  They are a perfect layering piece useful for all seasons.  I’ve worn mine in the summer to fight off overzealous air conditioning and on a cool fall day as outerwear.  Wear them with a tank top or a turtleneck and scarf underneath.  They also can add a finishing touch worn over a dress. To achieve the long and lean look, pair them with a heeled shoe or boot.



These three dusters are part of my current wardrobe.  They provide endless styling options. I always try to purchase classic styles of clothing that can be worn with current pieces in my wardrobe and in a variety of ways. Below are just three options of how I choose to wear them.


When wearing a longer sweater like a duster, I like to layer it with a longer scarf worn loosely around my neck.  I continue the lines with a longer necklace.  The necklace is one from my collection.  I chose slim fitting black pants to keep the look lean. I prefer to keep my layer underneath shorter to elongate my legs.  The sweater and coordinating turtleneck are from last year, but a very similar style of both is available in 6 awesome colors!




This black duster I have styled in a more casual way.  I wear this with dark skinny denim.  The necklace is one of my own but lots of tortoiseshell necklaces are available. I’ve indicated a similar one below. I tied the blouse for two reasons. 1.) It provides a more relaxed look and  2.) It allows the long lines of the sweater to elongate my frame and the shorter tied top to lengthen my legs.  I love the fabric and price point of this cardigan available in 3 colors!




When I first saw this long cardigan I knew I had to have it.  I love everything about it – the beautiful fall color, the heavier knit, and the way it falls on my body.  Here I am showing it with a sleeveless flowing white top.  I have a fun little novelty necklace shown here which is an acorn – so cute! I’ve added a Burberry bag that I have had for 20+ years. A similar style is indicated below, or add a warm colored brown handbag of your choosing.  Classic purchases never go out of style! I wear this look with jeans.



I hope I have inspired you to “dust it up” with a few of this season’s dusters.  Add one to your current wardrobe. You won’t regret it!




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