The Timeless Appeal of an English Rolled Arm Sofa


Can't get enough of this room

Ask just about any designer their favorite sofa and their reply will often be  “the English rolled arm sofa”! The style just oozes sophistication! I especially love it in eclectic and vintage settings, like the room pictured above. The style has been around since the 1800s, so it’s safe to say it is timeless. Think comfy and chic!

The English rolled arm sofa is characterized by its tight back, recessed and rolled arms, deep, comfortable seat and low set, turned legs (often with casters). Lots of interpretations exist, such as two cushions vs. one, or additional back cushions.

It is time for me to purchase a new sofa. Guess what style it is going to be? Yep… the English rolled arm sofa. I’ve already made my decision, but I am planning to share some fabulous choices with you at various price points!



IKEA gets in the game with their Stocksund sofa. They have widened the seat angle to get a deeper seat and added turned legs for extra appeal.



Frame 1 of "Rose Sofa"  The Rose by the Everygirl sofa is offered by Interior Define. They have 6 showrooms throughout the country, including one here in Chicago. It’s gorgeous and they completely nailed the look. Select sofa size, fabric, and leg finish.


Carlisle Upholstered Sofa

The Carlisle by Pottery Barn offers an impressive array of choices on their English rolled arm sofa. Back cushions are standard on this sofa. They also offer buyers a choice of  two different sizes, an array of fabrics, the option of two cushions or one, and either memory foam or down wrapped cushions.



English Roll Arm Sofa

Leave it to Restoration Hardware to up the ante on this classic sofa. Like Pottery Barn, they have added back cushions for a comfy feel. It is offered in five lengths, two depths, a large selection of fabrics, and a choice of classic or down filled cushions.




 Most custom furniture companies offer their version of an English rolled arm sofa. However, George Smith offers it as their Signature sofa.

Wow! What an impressive choice of English rolled arm sofas. Can you guess which one I selected? I chose the Carlise from Pottery Barn. I like the idea of back cushions for additional comfort. The price point is also in line with what I want to spend. I decided on the Grand Sofa, 90″ in length and 45″ deep ….so comfy!  I also selected the single cushion (no sinking between cushions if someone sits in the middle). I opted for the down wrapped cushion for a luxurious feel. Lastly, I’m still undecided on the fabric. I want a fabulous ivory linen look that has a performance quality to it. Once I make a final decision on the fabric, I’m good to go! Here is a picture of the single cushion look I’m going for. Love it!!

Carlisle Upholstered Sofa

I hope I have enlightened you on the beauty and versatility of a timeless classic …. the English rolled arm sofa. Check it out for a chic option in your home!




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