Skip Resolutions, Set Goals Instead


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Happy New Year!! We are now a few days into 2019. How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? What’s that you say? Your motivation is already wearing thin. Eating nothing but lettuce and going to the gym every day is not working out for you? I, for one, believe New Year’s resolutions usually don’t work because they are not well defined or are unrealistic.

Instead of resolutions, set concrete goals. So often resolutions are obscure with no way to measure their success. For instance, a common resolution is to lose weight or eat more healthy.  While these are both admirable choices, they need a more concrete goal and action plan attached to them to be successful.  I know from experience that unless I am specific about my goals, I often fail.  What works best for me is to quantify my goal, so I can measure my progress and celebrate a success.  I also try to be honest with myself about what is reasonable.  Yes, goals should stretch us, but I am too old to be tortured by unrealistic expectations. Would I be happy if I lost 8 pounds? (what the 25 year old fitness trainer told me I should do) Of course, but it isn’t going to happen unless I lop off a leg!

As women, I believe our goals should also include pleasurable things as well as longtime dreams. If you have always wanted to paint, make it a goal to get started. Also, don’t let your dreams be just dreams, develop goals to support your dreams. The best way to make dreams a reality is by setting a goal and developing an action plan to achieve that goal.

I find a New Year exciting.  We can’t redo the past, but we can always make a new beginning.  I thought about my goals for 2019 and broke them down into four categories.  I have done my best to make them quantifiable. A number or a date is associated with each goal.  I also used action verbs to define each one.  Fitness Goals, Financial Goals, Fun Goals, and Future Goals and Dreams are the categories I chose.

I hope by sharing my thoughts on my goals and aspirations for 2019, you find inspiration.


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  1. Lift weights/cardio twice weekly.
  2. Practice Yoga two times per week.
  3. Walk 30 minutes outside when weather permits.
  4. Eat 4 fruits/vegetables per day.
  5. Limit dessert to one day per week.
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  1. Save $500 per month. (see number 2)
  2. Reduce spending by $500 per month. (This is a companion to the first one and tough for me. I love to shop!)
  3. Expand blog exposure to include Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest by April 1.
  4. Establish affiliate marketing plan by March 1.


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  1. Schedule plans with my daughter once per month.
  2. Schedule and plan dinner date with my husband once per week.
  3. Schedule lunch with girlfriends once per month.
  4. Attend one theatrical, musical, or fun event per month.
  5. Make one call per week to family and friends I don’t see often.


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  1. Plan European vacation for 2020.
  2. Plan for a future lake house (financial analysis and areas to consider).

I am excited to begin developing an action plan to achieve my goals this year. I hope you find what I have shared inspiring!

I wish you all a happy and successful New Year!




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